The professionals of SHERDAV Law Firm recognized for the breadth and depth of their knowledge in securities market have global outlook characterized by innovative approach with broad experience and in-depth knowledge of this sphere of the business.

The services we offer our clients mainly include in the following sectors of securities market:

- Issues of all kinds of securities representing corporate equity or debt through public or private offerings and admission to listing on international markets and multilateral trading systems; 

- Consulting on the decision-making process and the wide-ranging tax and legal implications and on the implementation of corporate governance systems at the new listed company and rules on conduct, disclosure and transparency;

- Preparation of all the legal documentation required in processes such as emission, placement and circulation of securities in order to accomplish the formalities with the corresponding regulatory authorities and dealings with other entities and the global investors;

- Participate in big deals and international transactions related to international companies with subsidiaries in several jurisdictions;

- Advising investment banks and issuers on the fulfillment and follow-up of all formalities with the market supervisory authorities and with market regulators, preparing prospectuses or circulars and other legal documents;

- Assisting with the design of the transaction structure, the establishment and registration of securitization funds of all kinds and of their managers, and the drafting and supervision of operating agreements;

- Representing in the court on the cases related to the transactions in the sphere of securities market.