Team of SHERDAV Law Firm consists of specialists with broad expertise in foreign economic relations and has a deep knowledge of the administrative, tax and customs law and adequately possesses knowledge of the customs legislation and legal acts not only of Uzbekistan but also of more than 140 countries through the PraeLegal system of Law firms.

- Advising on foreign economic activities (licensing, currency, tax and customs legislation);

- Development of the structure of foreign trade transactions (development of form and procedure to conclude the foreign trade transactions, the choice of the applicable law and conflict of regulation of foreign trade transactions, international regulation of foreign trade transactions, the use of Incoterms 2010);

- Advising on the implementation of export-import operations;

- Development, legal expertise and support of the conclusion of various international contracts, including contracts with set of documents for complex transactions;

- Interaction with the banks on the enforcement of foreign transactions, including such as a bank guarantee, surety;

- Pre-trial settlement of conflicts between the partners in foreign economic activity;

- Qualified representation in international commercial arbitrations.