The intellectual property is subject to the legal protection on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. There are many regulations, including the provisions on intellectual property protection.

The concept of intellectual property and the legal practice is closely correlated with the term "exclusive right". Moreover, today's legislation patterns reflect the exclusive right as one of the many aspects of intellectual property.

Currently, the necessity to protect intellectual property in the Republic of Uzbekistan is particularly evident.

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers from 09.03.2016, № 70 approved the Regulations on the procedure for issuing a permit for transfer of premises in non-residential category.

The permit is issued by the authorized body on the basis of applications of legal entities and natural persons – business entities filed through common centers for the provision of public services to businesses on the principle of "one window".

Joint Stock determined that implement of the government stake to foreign investors. 

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of 10.02.2016, № 33 approved the lists of joint-stock companies:

When conducting business with Chinese partners often disputes arise due to non-fulfillment of the terms of concluded contracts. Most often it is a complete failure to comply with the agreement by the Chinese contractor, violation of the terms of delivery of goods or the supply of goods of inadequate quality. In addition, when doing business in China, Uzbek entrepreneurs are faced with a violation of rights belonging to trademarks, service marks and patents, cybersquatting (seizure of domain names) and other problems.

Our company offers services for the resolution of business and other disputes that arise when doing business in China.