The order of transfer of residential premises in non-residential

Mar 31 2016

Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers from 09.03.2016, № 70 approved the Regulations on the procedure for issuing a permit for transfer of premises in non-residential category.

The permit is issued by the authorized body on the basis of applications of legal entities and natural persons – business entities filed through common centers for the provision of public services to businesses on the principle of "one window".


The permit is issued based on the conclusion of the Executive to transfer a residential premises in non-residential category, submitted to the authorized body on the results of the study room.

During consideration of the application fee is charged:

• in Tashkent - 20% of the minimum wage;

• in Nukus and regional centers - 10% of the minimum wage;

• in the territories of districts and cities of regional subordination - 30% of the minimum wage.


To permitting requirements and conditions of the transformation of non-residential premises in the category include:

- Introduced change to structure of the building should not lead to a reduction of the stability of the property;

 - Compliance with sanitary rules, norms and hygienic standards in determining the functional purpose residential premises;

 - Premises should not be in an emergency condition or unsuitable for transfer to non-residential category;

- Mandatory compliance with environmental legislation;

- The location of premises on the ground floor;

- Preventing the amount of changes and the locations of emergency exits;

- Premises should not be included in the communal housing fund`s designated purpose

- The availability of opportunities to make a separate entrance;

- Premises should not be a subject of litigation.

To transfer the applicant shall submit an application to the center of "single window" or the authorized body through a single portal online public services. Documents submitted electronically, confirmed by digital signature.

Application should be annexed with:

- Notarized written consent from the owners of the premises, and adult family members;

- Consent of PHOCs in apartment buildings;

- A document confirming payment of the fee for consideration of the application.

The authorized body shall examine the application, issue a permit or deny this in a period not exceeding 11 days from the date of submission of documents.

The permit may be refused if:

- Documents of the applicant is not in full;

- Inconsistency premises permitting requirements and conditions;

- The availability of the documents false or distorted information;

- The availability of reasoned negative conclusion on the results of the study.

The refusal to issue a permit for other reasons, including reasons of inexpediency is not allowed.

In the case of a decision to refuse to issue a permit to the applicant is given a period (not less than 10 working days from receipt of notice of cancellation), during which he is entitled to address the causes of failure and to submit the documents for reconsideration.

The applicant has the right to appeal against the refusal to issue a permit, as well as actions (inaction) of an official authority.

The permit is issued for an indefinite term.

In case of loss or damage to permit the applicant is issued a duplicate, for the issue no fee is charged.

Suspension, termination, renewal and revocation cases produced in accordance with the procedure provided for in Articles 22-25 of the Law "On licensing procedures in the field of entrepreneurship."


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