Sherdav is always glad to open its doors to young and perspective interns. Hardworking and ability to cooperate with team members will help the interns to gain invaluable experience and opportunities for further employment.

Sherdav is always looking for bright, energetic and talented individuals, as they are our major asset. Their knowledge, experience and personality are the pillars of our outstanding service that meet all requirements of our clients.

Our employees have excellent academic and professional qualifications, and all contribute to the mutually respectful and supportive atmosphere of our office. We recognize that our employees spend a significant part of their time at the workplace, and we maintain a positive and friendly work environment. We support their personal and professional development and reward outstanding achievement.

Primary contact

Sardor Qosimov

Senior Lawyer

Sherdav Himoya Law Firm

409, Building No. 77, 
Bobur Str. Tashkent City, Uzbekistan
Tel.: +99895 145 49 21
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